Sell Your Gold & Jewelry

We will buy gold jewelry and diamonds that you may not want to wear anymore.  It could be out of style or you are just tired of it.  River City Pawn will pay cash on the spot for it.  The jewelry can even be broken or just loose diamonds – we will still buy it.  We will also buy heavier silver necklaces, flatware, coins and bars.  Due to the value of silver, lighter rings and necklaces are not usually of value enough for us to buy.  We would be happy to look at anything and determine if it has value.

If you do not want to sell your jewelry you can get a pawn loan for and return later to retrieve your item. 

Get the most for your gold at River City Pawn

We pay more money than most for your valuables. Just stop by one of the River City Pawn locations and speak with one of our trained professionals.  They will examine your items, assess the value, and pay you cash on the spot.  It usually takes less time than a trip to your bank – certainly faster than applying for a loan at your bank. Plus, there are no credit checks involved in the process.

These are some examples of items bought or pawned at River City Pawn every day. 

  • Men’s and woman’s platinum and gold wedding bands
  • Gold and Platinum Wedding sets & engagement rings
  • Men’s and women’s diamond and gold rings
  • Broken or damaged rings
  • Broken or  damaged necklaces & bracelets
  • Rings with missing stones
  • Class rings
  • Championship rings
  • Silverware and place settings
  • Loose diamonds
  • Gold watches
  • Gold & Platinum
  • Gold bars
  • Gold coins
  • Silver coins
  • Gold dental work

If you have something not on this list that you want to sell, we would be happy for you to stop by one of our locations and ask one of our professionals!