Pawn Loans

How pawn loans work

If you are short on money and you need a short-term loan a pawn loan could get you out of a jam. 

A pawn loan is a short-term loan that uses your item as collateral.  Our trained associates will inspect your item and place a loan value on it.  We will grant you a loan based on the value we determined.  You will then receive a contract stating all of the details of the loan.  After you have paid your loan in full you may redeem your item.  The loan may be extended if you do not wish to pay it off by the end of the term.

Stop by one of our locations and one of our professional associates will be happy to discuss the terms of a pawn loan with you. 

You own your merchandise while it is in pawn.  We are simply holding it as collateral until you can pay it in full.  We will take care of your item and store it safely until you redeem it.  We keep all firearms and jewelry in a vault.  All other items will be in a storage room. None of your pawned merchandise will be on the sales floor while it is in pawn. 

We are fully bonded and insured for the pawn value of your items.

There are no credit checks on a pawn loan. We also do not report to any credit bureaus.  Pawn loans are very simple and straight forward.  They are much less complicated than obtaining a loan from a bank.  They usually take about fifteen minutes.

If you simply want to sell your item, we will make you a great offer.  Check for details about what we buy.

River City Pawn provides cash loans on these items and more

  • Gold, Platinum (any condition)
  • Gold & Diamond Jewelry (mounted or loose stones)
  • Gold & Silver coins & bars
  • Rifles, Shotguns & Handguns
  • Tools and Power Equipment
  • Cars, Trucks, Trailers
  • ATVs & Motorcycles
  • Musical Instruments
  • Guitars (vintage & late model)
  • Pro-Sound audio equipment (amps, speakers & mixers)
  • Laptop Computers, iPads & Surface
  • Televisions, Stereo Systems, Audio-Video Equipment
  • Gaming Consoles (stop by for details)
  • Digital SLR Cameras
  • Farm and Yard Equipment